Aqua Crizel Alkaline With Copper


RO+Alkaline with Copper+UV+UF+TDS CONTROL

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RO Membrane type -100 GPD

Alkline water with copper

UF membrane – UF filter Cartridge

UV Chamber- UV 11 vdc

Purification Capacity-Upto 12 LPH

Input Pressure -0.4-2.0 kg /

Power Rating -8 walts

Input Voltage -230 VAC/50 HZ

Installation -Wall Mounted /Table tap

Storage Tank-12 Ltrs

Purification -7stage

Input water clorine-2ppm

Input water TDS-Ideal upto 500ppm

Input water temps-min 5c max *40c

Dimension -L 460 *W242*H318

Weight (empty)- 8.2kg


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